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My art- please take some time and veiw if you want- i would really love it if ya would leave me a little feed back so i can improve on any area that is a litte "grey" :heart:


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Hey All you Bronies and Pegasisters! or general fans of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

Nows a good a time as any to register for cons! some come on and Register for Midwest Brony Fest in Kansas City!

you can meet lots of cool guests and other Bronies! its tons of fun! Register here!

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Journal Entry: Thu Jul 31, 2014, 8:05 AM

Well Ever since I move out and hurt my back.. its been pretty hard to get me drawing again, well on the computer, I've been sketching alot
but not to worryWikiTiki7 I have sent you a message about continuing on our Commission~

I finally got a Job at Walmart.. its not optimal but its a job... I'm hoping my back will be kind. Its been treating me okay, and I'm hoping it will stay that way. I can't afford to see a doctor to get anything check out for real.

 I'm currently doing Sketch commissions as well, 5$ base here are some examples of what I'm doing right now, just some simple sketches, you can pay a wee more for shading and line art..

 I'm not doing color at the moment.. but I hope i can get some biters.. Its a bit..ragged right now.. I live with my boyfriend and his parents.. I love all of them.. but its hard.. we're all broke, his dad (like mine) Can't work due too health issues,His mom is carrying all the main bills, I FINALLY got hired. and High Octane makes maybe 200 a week being a tow truck driver.. Honestly sometimes its no better then when i was living at home.. I feel fortunate and VERY grateful they gave me a place to live.. and never complained once when i wasn't able to get a job right off the bat..His Dad get pretty..upset about H.O's and my Pony obsession.. and we talked.. an we have to NOT buy pony stuff for a while, Which is a good thing..we HAVE to prioritize our money... We're hoping today to open up another checking account in my name so he can put money away  and so i can kinda monitor it a bit..

Life is kinda scary sometimes.. And.. I'm scared..I don't wanna be stuck like this... afraid all the time..I grew up always struggling to try to keep optimistic about money issues.. I never understood as a kid.. now I wanna crawl to my Dad and tell him how much more I respect him for carrying, my sister, my brother and me..heh you know? The only one biologically relate to him is my little brother.. but he loves me like i was really his..-gah sorry- but I don't want him to know that I'm feeling this way.. With the new baby and my sister being.. well my sister He's stressed enough and doesn't need my baggage either..So..I'm just gonna try to make as much as i can where ever i can.. So Octy and I can save up to Move to Florida so I can go to school...

I try to keep my head up.. but I feel so so small...Some times I'll just start crying.. because everything feel so.. I can't describe it.. but I know it worries him.. then he stays up trying to comfort me..and i just can't stop.. 

I'm sorry guys. this really wasn't sapose to be a sob story about my life- Moving along

To try to get money where i can.. I'm wanting to do some conventions that are kinda close, i think the furthest i wanna go is 12 hours- maybe a little more I dunno, I'm thinking about trying for ROTLCON  again, it was a rather fun convention. I was in contact with some of the staff but i couldn't find them on my Skype anymore.. and that's okay.. i had originally told them i was already gonna be in school.. but life happened.. so I'm hoping i can get the money together to do it~ its gonna be liiike 135 for the table i think, then another 30 something for and extra badge for who ever i take with me, either H.O or :iconthFruitsong:  who ever is available 

SO... that was long winded and depressing.. 




But if you want a commission sketchy sketch ( that later when i am up to computer stuff will color at a discounted price) Its cheap! one character sketch is 5 more characters is +5 so let ANNA know 

Thank you if you read all of this..but don't worry like i said I pretty much grew up like this.. but I always hoped it would never happen to me.. but i can and WILL pull though... I-... I just need help...

God I hope none of my family goes on my DA..

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Christal Elric


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Check out more Awesome Art and Crafts on ChristalFir3's deviantart page Its awesome and SO WORTH IT!




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